Value Services

We have natural synergies with our warehouse capability to become an integrated logistic player; higher-value trade in air and sea freight and moving DG; capable of supporting larger operations; ability to modify trucks to customers' requirements for longer term contracts etc. In short, we can offer you a Total Solution for all your transportation and warehousing needs.

We adopt technology for streamlining operations like GPS and ERP – GPS to track our trucks' movements and an integrated backend (ERP) that ensure includes accurate billings for complicated programmes.

With our Malaysian counterpart, we are able to provide cross-border logistics across the Causeway. We are able to transport and/or provide storage for your goods across the border, supported by 40 trucks (up to the Thai border) and warehouse space (Johor).

Special Projects
We have the capacity and capability to support Outdoor Sporting events and Concerts. Our experience included the Singapore Marathon, F1 Night Race, cycling events, and concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and Singapore Expo.