MES Freight & Hauling Services department commenced operation during mid of August 2010. The department's primary duties are to achieve sustainability through Container Hauling Services as well as LCL Clearance or transportation services. Initially we started of small with less than 20 TEUs a month to gain momentum, and currently we are hauling in excess of 400 TEUs a month. The department has certainly evolved over the year and has added new services to its current operations. We are now able to do freight forwarding solutions for our customers with ease and high levels of customer satisfaction. Our fleet of prime movers is also growing in a steady pace and the department has set high levels of standards to meet for your customers.

A summary of services that the Freight & Hauling Services Department provides:

  • Container Trucking
  • LCL Clearance Services
  • Permit Declaration
  • Sea Freight Rates
  • Emergency Ad-Hoc Transportation